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fences_coomera5 Ways We Can Meet Your Needs.

Since Australian Tilt-Up Fencing was established, we’ve grown to become a preferred supplier of commercial fencing in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. The reason is simple: we provide a product that’s not only durable and attractive, but incredibly versatile. These five benefits are just some of the ways we can meet your needs.

1. Privacy
Other fencing options, such as slat systems or hedges, still allow light in – and therefore, allow people to see in. Our commercial fences prevent peeping toms and eavesdroppers from prying. This is useful for multi-residential premises, as well as buildings with outdoor spaces, such as restaurants seeking to promote a quiet and intimate atmosphere or offices, with private entertaining spaces for clients.

2. Commercial Fencing Security
Panels are available in a variety of heights, and can have bolt-on accessories added allowing for the installation of added security features such as surveillance mounts. Naturally, they’re also strong enough to resist physical attack despite their relatively slim profile. For security conscious organisations interested in appropriate fencing, we can provide further technical specifications.


3. Noise reduction
Noise from major roads, alleyways, footpaths and neighbouring buildings is dramatically reduced by Australian Tilt-Up Fencing panels. This is ideal for improving the comfort and convenience of tenants and occupants. It’s also great for helping noisy premises, such as manufacturing facilities, to meet local noise pollution standards.

4. Exterior architecture
Commercial fencing from our Brisbane HQ and other locations is available in a wide range of textures and finishes, allowing you to create something that really blends in with the look of your exteriors.

5. Branding and signage
It’s easy to install temporary or permanent signage on our panels. Because our systems comes ready to paint, it can also be decoratively painted or stencilled with your logo and/or colours.

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